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[Theme 1][Prompt 16: Grog] Sizzling With Emotion

Title: Sizzling With Emotion
Author: seta_suzume
Fandom: Breath of Fire IV
Pairing/Character/Etc: Nina, Cray, Ryu
Rating: PG
Theme and Prompt#: Theme 1, Prompt 16: Grog
Warning: Spoilers for the end of Chapter 1.

It was humiliating for Cray to be sent back to the Alliance after the group had managed to slip into the Empire. Nina was embarrassed by the scolding she had received from Ludia's king, but it was nothing compared to Cray's feelings of shame and anger. Nina was afraid of what the Ludians would accuse him of and try to do to him. Cray had never led the Woren Nation in a way that pleased the Ludians.

But watching the way Cray strained against the manacles ("Merely a formality," Morley had noted smugly), Nina was also afraid of what Cray would do or say. "Think of Elina," she told him, imagining that thoughts of her sister would have a restraining effect on how he handled himself at the tribunal. He could not throw his life away in anger if he hoped to rescue her himself.

Unfortunately, her words did not comfort the emotional man in the way she had expected. "We were so close!" he gritted his teeth, "I just know it! That Yuna! If we had gotten just a bit further-!!"

Ryu nervously inched away from the thrashing Woren, not wanting Cray to hit him with his bristling tail or let his anger out on him in some other fashion.

"N-now Cray," Nina blustered, gently touching his arm, "I know how you feel, but getting all worked up about it won't help us any. You have to try and relax so you can stay in control of your emotions. If you have an outburst like this in front of Morley and his father, you know it'll make you look bad."

"I know, I know," Cray growled, "It's just- my head is swimming with all these emotions. And I've never been so much for talk. I'm best when I can just beat people down with my club without any questions asked." He let out a long tired sigh.

Ershin stood up as a guard approached the holding cell. The beanpole thin fellow unlocked the door. "Princess, you can go. Your two friends as well. Prince Morley has arranged a place for you to stay while Chief Cray awaits his trial."

Ershin moved silently out of the cell. Ryu got up off the ground, brushed himself off, and followed her. "Will you be alright?" Nina asked Cray. She would not leave him unless he gave her the go ahead.

"Ah, get out of here," he groaned, "Go enjoy a warm meal and a soft bed. I won't feel any better until I have time to sulk."
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