Suzume (seta_suzume) wrote in bpal_challenge,

[Theme 1][Prompt 35: Swank] Lost in Ludia

Title: Lost in Ludia
Author: seta_suzume
Fandom: Breath of Fire IV
Pairing/Character/Etc: Nina, Elina, Wyndham
Rating: G
Theme and Prompt#: Theme 1, Prompt 35: Swank

"Elina?" Nina called nervously, looking around in hopes of catching sight of her father or sister. Somehow she had become lost in Ludia's palace. It must have happened when she had slowed her pace to examine the jeweled crowns filling a glass case in the hall. If the royal family of Wyndia had such amazing treasures, they were clearly hidden away better than these Ludian gems. As beautiful as the sparkling goods were to the princess' eye, they didn't count for anything now that she was all alone and feeling nervous.

"Father?" she asked, her voice small and desperate.

Holding onto the light fabric of her long skirt, Nina began to scurry down the corridor in search of any familiar face she could find. The war, with its great demand for soldiers, had left the castle loosely guarded, lowering her chances of finding guidance from a palace employee.

Her skirt dragged in the back, sliding swish swish swosh along the tile floors as Nina's pace gradually increased along with her anxiety. She passed classical statues of the Endless and busts of famous Ludian kings in halls hung with sumptuous tapestries, displaying the wealth of the Ludian nation throughout the generations, but she was too fearful to pause and examined the treasures.

Most of the times in the past that Nina had managed to end up lost, it had been outdoors or somewhere she had never visited before, making it strange that she had never been so scared to find herself suddenly alone as on this day. Perhaps these feelings of hers made clear at last her subconscious feelings that there was something strange and scary about Ludia unlike any other place she had ever been. It was a feeling she would experience again when sneaking into the Empire, but at this point in her life, it was still unknown and shook her to the tips of her toes.

"Father!" she squeaked out again. Something about the staircase before her looked familiar.

"Nina! There you are!" Elina cried, leaping down the steps and fluttering to a halt. "You got left behind!"

"Elina!" the small girl sobbed, letting go of her skirt and then stumbling over it as she rushed to hug her sister. "I didn't mean to get lost! Honest! I'm sorry!"

"It's okay, don't be upset," Elina soothed her.

"I see you've found her," came their father's calm voice from higher up the staircase. He descended slowly, his regal grace conveyed in each step.

"I saw lots of treasure. Things we don't have out in Wyndia," Nina told her father.

He scooped her up in his arms. "We don't have all the material treasures of Ludia, but we have spiritual treasures- and the blessing of our people's good will. Those are the gems that sparkle brightest."
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