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[Theme 1][Prompt 14: Eclipse] Corona

Title: Corona
Author: seta_suzume
Fandom: Breath of Fire IV
Pairing/Character/Etc: Nina, Wyndham
Rating: PG
Theme and Prompt#: Theme 1, Prompt 14: Eclipse
Warning: Late-game spoilers!

Relations with Ludia were at a low point again. Things had never been ideal between Wyndia and its alliance neighbor since the disappearance and subsequent death of Princess Elina, but with Wyndham's health declining and Nina's ascension imminent it was a particularly tense moment for the two nations. Morley had been crowned king just six months earlier and the pre-existing feeling of mutual annoyance he and Nina invoked in each other was well known.

Wyndham did not overly fear for the fate of his nation. But the fate of the Alliance on the other hand... As he sat in bed, propped up by half a dozen pillows, he felt that nameless dread lapping at his mind once again. He asked the chancellor to call Nina to his side.

The first thing she observed upon entering her father's chambers was how pale he looked. When she touched his hand it felt cold. "Is there any special reason that you wanted to talk to me?"

"Nina, please hold the Alliance together," he bared his feelings without hesitation. "When you become queen, please put aside your feelings toward Morley."

"Of course!" Nina rushed to assure him. "My personal feelings are one thing, but the relationship between heads of state is another thing entirely! I'll do everything in my power to promote peace- both within the Alliance and with any other nation that we interact with."

"Good, that's good. I know I can trust you." When Wyndham sighed next, it was a sigh of relief. This felt like that last bit of business he needed to tie up before he could give up his throne to his daughter. He was fading and Nina was stepping up to fill more and more of his duties. It would not be long before his daughter had completely eclipsed him. She was clever and beautiful and loved by the people. She had friends to support her. The wars with the Empire seemed to be at an end at last and if Nina followed the path before her with the diligence and honor that she said she would, Wyndia would truly be on the path to a lasting peace.

Nina smiled at her father sort of slow and sort of sad.

To Wyndham, the light shining in through the windows behind her seemed to shimmer brightest around her head, like a crown, or like the aura of the Endless, a flaming halo.
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