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[Theme 1][Prompt 31: Poisoned Apple] Poisoned Pie

Title: Poisoned Pie
Author: seta_suzume
Fandom: Breath of Fire IV
Pairing/Character/Etc: Nina, Elina, Wyndham
Rating: PG
Theme and Prompt#: Theme #1, Prompt 31: Poisoned Apple
Disclaimer: Still not mine, check back never~

Several years before the truce was made with the Empire, there was an attempt made on the lives of Wyndia's royal family. It came in the seemingly innocuous form of a holiday gift to the princesses, purportedly from a noble in Ludia- a pie, still warm, delivered by courier. The fragrance of apples and cinnamon rising from inside the box was intoxicating. Nina squealed as she flipped open the lid before Elina had even opened the card. The tin was wrapped around with a red velvet ribbon.

"Ooh, Father, do we have to wait 'til after dinner? Can't we have a little bit now?" Nina asked, trying to cutely get her way.

"Who is it from?"

"Lord and Lady Bentley, according to the card," Elina announced. Did she know these people? They didn't sound familiar. Perhaps they were minor nobles hoping to use this opportunity to make a good impression.

"Let me look," Wyndham decided to delay his actual decision. As much as he enjoyed allowing Nina to have her way, this was still a kingdom at war and he would take every possible precaution to protect the well-being of his beloved daughters. Was that a whiff of almonds he caught amidst the other ingredients? He took the card Elina held out to him and frowned at its contents. The seal looked legitimate enough, and the cursive was stylishly baroque in that familiar Ludian kind of way, but the names were unidentifiable in even his vast memory of people and names.

"Someone," he waved over the nearest servant, "Bring the royal food taster here. I had something I need him to take a look at."

There had never been a post like "food taster" before the war- the king would never have feared for his life among his own subjects. He would rather have erred in favor of belief in his subjects, even if it cost him his life, but in war time, things were different. And there were also his daughters to think of. The Empire did not draw the line at conventional warfare. The Hex was more than proof enough of that.

The food tester arrived and picked up the pie, eyeing it suspiciously, "And so you don't know these Bentleys? It does seem rather suspect."

Elina waited patiently while Nina clutched at her skirt, fidgeting aimlessly. She really, really hoped nothing was wrong with that pie.

He sliced it open and scooped out a spoonful, casting a poison divination spell over it. They waited only an instant. The apple turned blue, a sure sign of cyanide.

Elina gasped and Nina let her skirt fall from her hands. That had been far too close for comfort.
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